Jamia Islamia Birmingham, the College of Islamic Knowledge and Guidance,  was established in February 2000 for boys
of age 11 years and over.

The Muslim community of the United Kingdom needs schools that provide a comprehensive, positive and inclusive
understanding of Islam as well as secular education in a secure Islamic environment.

In response to this need, Jamiah was established through the acceptance and mercy of Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala and
the gracious duaas and generosity of Muslim brothers and sisters across the country. We are committed to raising
standards of achievement and ensuring a culture of high expectations and success for every pupil. Our GCSE results are
well above national averages and in addition to that we have had over 100 Hufaz graduate through our outstanding
Hifz programme and over 100 Aalims have graduated from our Aalimiya studies.
Jamiah recognises that each young Muslim needs to strive to acquire knowledge in all aspects that affect mankind’s
existence; from historical to contemporary, from academic to vocational, from pragmatic to dogmatic and from
Islamic to secular.   We want all young Muslims who study at Jamiah to have the self-esteem and confidence to play a
positive and inclusive role in their communities, to be good Muslims and exemplary citizens.

In our recent ofsted visit in Nov 2021, they commented:

“From Years 7 to 11, the school offers a range of other subjects taught by
well-qualified staff. Pupils work towards GCSE qualifications, and standards are on the up.”

“Islamic studies are taught every day. Pupils value these lessons, respond well and develop positive attitudes to others.

Staff are well qualified to teach other subjects too.”

Pupils learn about diversity in Britain and the wider world and how they can help others. Values of the week, such as
sincerity and charity, shape some lessons and steer conversations between staff and pupils. Pupils can talk about how
such values guide what they think and do. Pupils regularly lead prayers in school and take part in public-speaking events.

Our new building project next door is now near completion and we are therefore aiming to be able to accept boarding
students in the near future. If boarding is something you may be interested in then please register your interest with
the Jamiah now.
We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our happy, successful and vibrant school. May Allah SWT
guide our pupils, staff and school community to prosperity and success. Aameen.

We thank you for visiting our website and hope that you will remember Jamiah in your Duaas.

(Hadhrat Maulana)  Rezaul Haque 

Chair of Jamia Islamia Birmingham Trust