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Sixth Form

Our Sixth Form is technically focussed and designed to meet the needs of our post 16 students.

We aim to deliver a unique curriculum that is highly selective.

Information Technology Stream

Our main course offered is BTEC Subsidiary Diploma for I.T (60 Credits QCF), equivalent to one full A-Level and is studied 2 days a week during the evening. This is done in conjunction with extra Maths and English for those who have not passed in Year 11.

This can be done in conjunction with Quranic studies.

Upon successful completion, candidates are offered the opportunity to study the HNC and HND which takes them onto university level.

English Language and Functional Mathematics

We offer secondary English language and Functional Mathematics courses to students who have not passed in school.

Quran and Scholarly Stream

The third route, is our most common, this is religious education only. On this route, students focus on memorisation of the Noble Qur’an or they learn the intricacies of the Hanafi School of Thought.