The best academic and Islamic education

Full Alimiyyah Course

Specialising in Hifz-ul Qur’an

Complete National Curriculum Years 7-11 (9 GCSEs)

Sixth Form Courses

ICT BTEC (Levels 3, 4 and 5)

Safe and Secure Learning Environment

Aadab and Akhlaq (Behaviour) is our key focus

Inner City, in a good location

Competitive and affordable fees 

Head teacher’s welcome

Welcome to Jamia Islamia Birmingham.

We are a unique but inclusive school that feels the importance of being part of a community. We appreciate that the world is more connected than ever before and communities, families, businesses and individuals feel the dynamics of the connections. Our students are being prepared for the ever changing landscape of UK citizenship as well as a global outlook one must have in an increasingly connected world. Our students take pride in knowing that they are ready to take on challenges that have not yet manifested or taking on job that do not yet exist.

Our goal is achieved by developing clearly defined standards of practice and behaviour, embedded by our core values of Adhab, Aspiration, Tolerance and Resilience, which help pupils to acquire the right attitude to work, and above all, the capacity to learn and continue learning. Each pupil is expected to play a responsible role in school life and will receive the attention of professional teaching staff that will nurture your child to excel in a variety of fields.

We believe passionately that education opens doors and has the power to change lives. We aim to inspire our students through our curriculum delivering consistently good lessons that empower learning. Each and every day we instil our values and focus on raising the aspirations of our students by providing an outstanding personal development and extra-curricular programme. We encourage our students to aim high and we are proud to celebrate their achievements.

We look forward to welcoming to our unique school in the heart of Birmingham UK.

Enamul Hoque, BSc, Msc, PGCE MInstML 



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Fallows Road, Sparkbrook, Birmingham, B11 1PL

T: 0121 772 6400

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